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Author Title Pages
Eugene Field Songs and Other Verse 142
Eugene Field The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac 146
Eugene Field;Roswell Martin Field Echoes from the Sabine Farm 82
Henry Fielding Amelia — Volume 1 249
Henry Fielding Amelia — Volume 2 246
Henry Fielding Amelia — Volume 3 268
Henry Fielding From This World to the Next — Volume 2 156
Henry Fielding History of Tom Jones, a Foundling 1176
Henry Fielding Joseph Andrews Vol 1 206
Henry Fielding Joseph Andrews, Volume 2 214
Henry Fielding Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon — Volume 1 147
Henry Fielding The History of the Life of the Late Mr Jonathan Wild the Great 248
Henry Fielding The Works of Henry Fielding - Edited by George Saintsbury in 12 Volumes $p Volume 12 315
Sarah Fielding The Governess; or, Little Female Academy 176
Maria Antonia Field Chimes of Mission Bells; an historical sketch of California and her missions 83
Annie Fields Authors and Friends 273
James T. Fields Yesterdays with Authors 505
Stephen Johnson Field;George Congdon Gorham Personal Reminiscences of Early Days in California with Other Sketches; To Which Is Added the Story of His Attempted Assassination by a Former Associate on the Supreme Bench of the State 410
John Filson Life and Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boon 25
Henry Theophilus Finck Chopin and Other Musical Essays 195
Henry Theophilus Finck Primitive Love and Love-Stories 1254
Bruce Fink;Leafy J. Corrington Ohio Biological Survey, Bull. 10, Vol. 11, No. 6 - The Ascomycetes of Ohio IV and V 56
John Finley The French in the Heart of America 380
Martha Finley Christmas with Grandma Elsie 286
Martha Finley Elsie at Home 214
Martha Finley Elsie at Nantucket 294
Martha Finley Elsie at the World's Fair 207
Martha Finley Elsie Dinsmore 345
Martha Finley Elsie's children 302
Martha Finley Elsie's Girlhood - A Sequel to "Elsie Dinsmore" and "Elsie's Holidays at Roselands" 388
Martha Finley Elsie's Kith and Kin 310
Martha Finley Elsie's Motherhood 338
Martha Finley Elsie's New Relations 280
Martha Finley Elsie's Vacation and After Events 257
Martha Finley Elsie's Womanhood 357
Martha Finley Grandmother Elsie 259
Martha Finley Holidays at Roselands 354
Martha Finley The Two Elsies - A Sequel to Elsie at Nantucket 267
John Finnemore Peeps at Many Lands: Japan 76
Ina Ten Eyck Firkins Henrik Ibsen - A Bibliography of Criticism and Biography with an Index to Characters 136
George Alexander Fischer Beethoven 237
J. Cree (Jerry Cree) Fischer Piano Tuning - A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs 160
Carl Russell Fish The Path of Empire; a chronicle of the United States as a world power 208
Dorothy Canfield Fisher The Brimming Cup 470
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Understood Betsy 163
George Park Fisher Outline of Universal History 1157
of Youghal the younger Joseph Fisher Landholding in England 123
Sydney George Fisher The Quaker Colonies, a chronicle of the proprietors of the Delaware 165
Bradley A. (Bradley Allen) Fiske The Navy as a Fighting Machine 349
John Fiske American Political Ideas Viewed from the Standpoint of Universal History 110

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