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Author Title Pages
Edward Lasker Chess Strategy 451
Harold J. Laski Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham 195
John Holladay Latane From Isolation to Leadership, Revised - A Review of American Foreign Policy 195
George Parsons Lathrop A Study of Hawthorne 345
George Parsons Lathrop Dreams and Days: Poems 143
George Parsons Lathrop Rose and Roof-Tree — Poems 84
Rose Hawthorne Lathrop Along the Shore 58
Rose Hawthorne Lathrop Memories of Hawthorne 415
Elizabeth Latimer France in the Nineteenth Century 550
Hugh Latimer Sermons on the Card 104
Andreas Latzko Men in War 139
Sir Harry Lauder A Minstrel in France 277
Sir Harry Lauder Between You and Me 253
Sir John Lauder Publications of the Scottish History Society, Volume 36 - Journals of Sir John Lauder Lord Fountainhall with His Observations on Public Affairs and Other Memoranda 1665-1676 544
W.B. Laughead The Marvelous Exploits of Paul Bunyan 36
Clara E. Laughlin Everybody's Lonesome - A True Fairy Story 61
Clara E. Laughlin Foch the Man - A Life of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Armies 128
John Knox Laughton Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Henry Reeve, C.B., D.C.L. - In Two Volumes. Volume II. 528
Agnes C. (Agnes Christina) Laut Heralds of Empire - Being the Story of One Ramsay Stanhope, Lieutenant to Pierre Radisson in the Northern Fur Trade 307
Agnes C. (Agnes Christina) Laut Pathfinders of the West - Being the Thrilling Story of the Adventures of the Men Who - Discovered the Great Northwest: Radisson, La Vérendrye, - Lewis and Clark 335
Agnes C. (Agnes Christina) Laut The Canadian Commonwealth 266
Agnes C. (Agnes Christina) Laut The Freebooters of the Wilderness 378
Stéphane Lauzanne Fighting France 174
Jerome B. Lavay Disputed Handwriting - An exhaustive, valuable, and comprehensive work upon one of the most important subjects of to-day. With illustrations and expositions for the detection and study of forgery by handwriting of all kinds 233
Edward (Lord Ellenborough) Law A Political Diary 1828-1830, Volume II 438
Emily Lawless The Story of Ireland 365
D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence Aaron's Rod 493
D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence England, My England 268
D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence Sons and Lovers 737
D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence The Trespasser 303
D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence Touch and Go 122
D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence Twilight in Italy 206
D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence Women in Love 791
George A. (George Alfred) Lawrence Guy Livingstone; - or, 'Thorough' 307
Josephine Lawrence Brother and Sister 119
Henry Lawson Children of the Bush 319
Henry Lawson In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses 142
Henry Lawson Joe Wilson and His Mates 314
Henry Lawson On the Track 160
Henry Lawson Over the Sliprails 169
Henry Lawson The Rising of the Court 113
Henry Lawson While the Billy Boils 337
John Lawson A New Voyage to Carolina, containing the exact description and natural history of that country; together with the present state thereof; and a journal of a thousand miles, travel'd thro' several nations of Indians; giving a particular account of their cus 352
Thomas W. Lawson Friday, the Thirteenth 149
[psued.] Captain Wilbur Lawton The Boy Aviators in Africa 229
[psued.] Captain Wilbur Lawton The Boy Aviators' Polar Dash - or Facing Death in the Antarctic 252
[psued.] Captain Wilbur Lawton The Boy Aviators' Treasure Quest 225
Frederick Lawton Balzac 293
Layamon Roman de Brut. English;Brut 200
Emma Lazarus The Poems of Emma Lazarus, Volume 1 354

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