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A Collection of Ballads by Andrew Lang
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A Collection of Ballads


Sir Patrick Spens
Battle Of Otterbourne
Tam Lin
Thomas The Rhymer
"Sir Hugh; Or The Jew's Daughter"
Son Davie! Son Davie!
The Wife Of Usher's Well
The Twa Corbies
The Bonnie Earl Moray
Clerk Saunders
Waly, Waly
Love Gregor; Or, The Lass Of Lochroyan
The Queen's Marie
Kinmont Willie
Jamie Telfer
The Douglas Tragedy
The Bonny Hind
Young Bicham
The Loving Ballad Of Lord Bateman
The Bonnie House O' Airly
Rob Roy
The Battle Of Killie-Crankie
Annan Water