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Three Young Knights by Annie Hamilton Donnell
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cheered! Liberty--that was something to cheer for! After planting-time
and haying, hurrah for liberty!

The din softened gradually. With a sweep of his arm, father gathered
all the boys in a laughing heap before him.

"Well," he said, "what next? Who's going to celebrate? I'm done with
you for a fortnight. I'm going to hire Esau Whalley to milk and do the
chores, and send you small chaps about your business. You've earned
your holiday. And I don't know but it's as good a time as any to settle
up. Pay day's as good one day as another."

He drew out a little tight roll of bills and sorted out three
five-dollar notes gravely. The boys' eyes began to shine. Father 'most
always paid them, after haying, but--five dollars apiece! Old Tilly
pursed his lips and whistled softly. Kent nudged Jot.

[Illustration: He sorted out three five-dollar notes gravely.]

"There you are! You needn't mind about giving receipts!" Father Eddy
said matter-of-factly, but his gray eyes were a-twinkle under their
cliffs of gray brows. He was exulting quietly in the delight he could
read in the three round, brown faces. Good boys--yes, sir--all of them!
Wasn't their beat in Hexham county--no, sir! Nor yet in Marylebone
county or Winnipeg!

"Now, on with you--scatter!" he laughed. "Mother and I are going to
mill to celebrate! When you've decided what you're going to do, send a
committee o' three to let us know. Mind, you can celebrate any way you
want to that's sensible."