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A History of China by Wolfram Eberhard
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[Transcriber's Note: The following text contains numerous non-English
words containing diacritical marks not contained in the ASCII character
set. Characters accented by those marks, and the corresponding text
representations are as follows (where x represents the character being
accented). All such symbols in this text above the character being

breve (u-shaped symbol): [)x]
caron (v-shaped symbol): [vx]
macron (straight line): [=x]
acute (égu) accent: ['x]

Additionally, the author has spelled certain words inconsistently. Those
have been adjusted to be consistent where possible. Examples of such
adjustments are as follows:

From To
Northwestern North-western
Southwards Southward
Programme Program
re-introduced reintroduced
practise practice
Lotos Lotus
Ju-Chên Juchên
cooperate co-operate
life-time lifetime
man-power manpower
favor favour