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A New Philosophy: Henri Bergson by Edouard Louis Emmanuel Julien Le Roy
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A New Philosophy: Henri Bergson


Edouard le Roy

Translated from the French by

Vincent Benson


This little book is due to two articles published under the same title in
the "Revue des Deux Mondes", 1st and 15th February 1912.

Their object was to present Mr Bergson's philosophy to the public at large,
giving as short a sketch as possible, and describing, without too minute
details, the general trend of his movement. These articles I have here
reprinted intact. But I have added, in the form of continuous notes, some
additional explanations on points which did not come within the scope of
investigation in the original sketch.

I need hardly add that my work, though thus far complete, does not in any
way claim to be a profound critical study. Indeed, such a study, dealing
with a thinker who has not yet said his last word, would today be
premature. I have simply aimed at writing an introduction which will make