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The Life of Froude by Herbert Paul
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The Life of Froude

By Herbert Paul

London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 1905.


Although eleven years have elapsed since Mr. Froude's death, no
biography of him has, so far as I know, appeared. This book is an
attempt to tell the public something about a man whose writings have
a permanent place in the literature of England.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge my obligation to Miss Margaret
Froude for having allowed me the use of such written material as
existed. A large number of Mr. Froude's letters were destroyed after
his death, and it was not intended by the family that any biography
of him should be written. Finding that I was engaged upon the task,
Miss Froude supplied those facts, dates, and papers which were
essential to the accuracy of the narrative. Mr. Froude's niece, Mrs.
St. Leger Harrison, known to the world as Lucas Malet, has allowed
me to use some of her uncle's letters to her mother.

Lady Margaret Cecil has, with great kindness, permitted me to make
copious extracts from Mr. Froude's letters to her mother, the late
Countess of Derby. I must also express my gratitude to Sir Thomas
Sanderson, Lord Derby's executor, to Cardinal Newman's literary
representative Mr. Edward Bellasis, and to Mr. Arthur Clough, son of
Froude's early friend the poet.