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The Romancers - A Comedy in Three Acts by Edmond Rostand
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(Les Romanesques)

Comedy in Three Acts

Translated by Barrett H. Clark

[[ Untitled INTRODUCTORY NOTES from 1915 publication by
Samuel French: Publisher, New York:


Edmond Rostand was born at Marseilles in 1868. Rostand is
undoubtedly one of the most brilliant dramatic poets of modern
times. "Les Romanesques"--"The Romancers"--was performed for
the first time in Paris, at the Comedie Francaise, in 1894, and
achieved considerable success. Its delicacy and charm revealed
the true poet, and the deftness with which the plot was handled
left little doubt as to the author's ability to construct an
interesting and moving drama. But not until the production of
"Cyrano de Bergerac" in 1897 did Rostand become known to the world
at large. "L'Aiglon" (1900) was something of a disappointment
after the brilliant "Cyrano." Ten years later came "Chantecler,"
the poet's deepest and in many ways most masterly play.

"The Romancers" is best played in the romantic atmosphere of the
late Eighteenth century; the costumes should be Louis XVI. The