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The Trials of the Soldier's Wife - A Tale of the Second American Revolution by Alex St. Clair Abrams
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The plot of this little work was first thought of by the writer in the
month of December, 1862, on hearing the story of a soldier from New
Orleans, who arrived from Camp Douglas just in time to see his wife
die at Jackson, Mississippi. Although the Press of that city made no
notice of it, the case presented itself as a fit subject for a
literary work. If the picture drawn in the following pages appears
exaggerated to our readers, they will at least recognize the moral it
contains as truthful.

Trusting that the public will overlook its many defects, the Author
yet hopes there will be found in this little book, matter of
sufficient interest to while away the idle hour of the reader.

ATLANTA, April 20th, 1864.