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The Crown of Thorns : a token for the sorrowing by E. H. (Edwin Hubbell) Chapin
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The Crown of Thorns

A token for the sorrowing

by E. H. Chapin


One of the discourses in this volume-"The Mission of Little
Children"--was written just after the death of a dear son,
and was published in pamphlet form. The edition having
become exhausted sooner than the demand, it was deemed
advisable to reprint it; and accordingly it is now presented
to the reader, accompanied by others of a similar cast, most
of them growing out of the same experience. This fact will
account for any repetition of sentiment which may appear in
these discourses, especially as they were written without any
reference to one another.

To the sorrowing, then, this little volume is tendered, with
the author's sympathy and affection. Upon its pages he has
poured out some of the sentiments of his own heartfelt
experience, knowing that they will find a response in theirs,
and hoping that the book may do a work of consolation and of
healing. If it impresses upon any the general sentiment