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The Lumley Autograph by Susan Fenimore Cooper
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by Susan Fenimore Cooper

{by Susan Fenimore Cooper (1813-1894), daughter of James
Fenimore Cooper. "The Lumley Autograph" was published in Graham's
Magazine, Volume 38 (January-June 1851), pp. 31-36, 97-101. The
author is identified only in the table of contents for Volume 38, p. iii,
where she is described as "the Author of 'Rural Hours'".

{Transcribed by Hugh C. MacDougall, Secretary, James Fenimore
Cooper Society; Notes by the transcriber,
including identification of historical characters and translations of
foreign expressions, follow the paragraphs to which they refer, and
are enclosed in {curly brackets}. The spelling of the original has
been reproduced as printed, with unusual spellings identified by
{sic}. Because of the limitations of the the Gutenberg format, italics
and accents (used by the author for some foreign words, and in a few
quotations) have been ignored. A few missing periods and quotation
marks have been silently inserted.

{A brief introduction to "The Lumley Autograph.":

{"The Lumley Autograph" was inspired, as Susan's introductory note
states, by the constant stream of letters received by her father,
asking in often importunate terms for his autograph or for pages
from his manuscripts, and even requesting that he supply autographs