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The Woman-Haters: a yarn of Eastboro twin-lights by Joseph Crosby Lincoln
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By Joseph C. Lincoln


(By Way of Explanation)

A story of mine called, like this, "The Woman-Haters," appeared
recently in one of the magazines. That story was not this one, except in
part--the part dealing with "John Brown" and Miss Ruth Graham. Readers
of the former tale who perhaps imagine they know all about Seth Atkins
and Mrs. Emeline Bascom will be surprised to find they really know so
little. The truth is that, when I began to revise and rearrange the
magazine story for publication as a book, new ideas came, grew, and
developed. I discovered that I had been misinformed concerning the
lightkeeper's past and present relations with the housekeeper at the
bungalow. And there was "Bennie D." whom I had overlooked, had not
mentioned at all; and that rejuvenated craft, the Daisy M.; and the
high tide which is, or should be, talked about in Eastboro even yet; all
these I had omitted for the very good reason that I never knew of them.
I have tried to be more careful this time. During the revising process
"The Woman-Haters" has more than doubled in length and, let us hope, in
accuracy. Even now it is, of course, not a novel, but merely a summer
farce-comedy, a "yarn." And this, by the way, is all that it pretends to