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The City of the Sun by Tommaso Campanella
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The City of the Sun

by Tommaso Campanells

A Poetical Dialogue between a Grandmaster of the Knights
Hospitallers and a Genoese Sea-Captain, his guest.

G.M. Prithee, now, tell me what happened to you during
that voyage?

Capt. I have already told you how I wandered
over the whole earth. In the course of my journeying I came
to Taprobane, and was compelled to go ashore at a place, where
through fear of the inhabitants I remained in a wood. When I
stepped out of this I found myself on a large plain immediately
under the equator.

G.M. And what befell you here?

Capt. I came upon a large crowd of men and armed women,
many of whom did not understand our language, and they con-
ducted me forthwith to the City of the Sun.