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Aslauga's Knight by Friedrich Heinrich Karl Freiherr de La Motte-Fouque
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Aslauga's Knight

by Fredrich de la Motte-Fouque


Many years ago there lived in the island of Fuhnen a noble
knight, called Froda, the friend of the Skalds, who was so
named because he not only offered free hospitality in his fair
castle to every renowned and noble bard, but likewise strove
with all his might to discover those ancient songs, and tales,
and legends which, in Runic writings or elsewhere, were still
to be found; he had even made some voyages to Iceland in
search of them, and had fought many a hard battle with the
pirates of those seas--for he was also a right valiant knight,
and he followed his great ancestors not only in their love of
song, but also in their bold deeds of arms. Although he was
still scarcely beyond the prime of youth, yet all the other
nobles in the island willingly submitted themselves to him,
whether in council or in war; nay, his renown had even been
carried ere now over the sea to the neighbouring land of

One bright autumn evening this honour-loving knight sat before
his castle, as he was often wont to do, that he might look far