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The Machine by Upton Sinclair
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Hegan's private office in Wall street, the next morning.



[JULIA PATTERSON'S apartments in a model tenement on the lower East
Side. The scene shows the living- room, furnished very plainly, but in
the newest taste; "arts and crafts" furniture, portraits of Morris and
Ruskin on the walls; a centre table, a couple of easy-chairs, a divan
and many book-shelves. The entrance from the outer hall is at centre;
en- trance to the other rooms right and left.]

[At rise: JULIA has pushed back the lamp from the table and is having
a light supper, with a cup of tea; and at the same time trying to read
a magazine, which obstinately refuses to remain open at the right
place. She is an attractive and intelligent woman of thirty. The
doorbell rings.]

JULIA. Ah, Jack! [Presses button, then goes to the door.]

JACK. [Enters, having come upstairs at a run. He is a college graduate