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A Forgotten Empire (Vijayanagar): a contribution to the history of India by Robert Sewell;16th cent. Fernão Nunes;16th cent. Domingos Paes
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A Forgotten Empire: Vijayanagar; A Contribution to the History of India

by Robert Sewell


The two Portuguese chronicles, a translation of which into English
is now for the first time offered to the public, are contained in
a vellum-bound folio volume in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris,
amongst the manuscripts of which institution it bears the designation
"PORT. NO. 65." The volume in question consists of copies of four
original documents; the first two, written by Fernao Nuniz and Domingo
Paes, being those translated below, the last two (at the end of the
MS.) letters written from China about the year 1520 A.D. These will
probably be published in translation by Mr. Donald Ferguson in the
pages of the INDIAN ANTIQUARY.

The first pair of original papers was sent with a covering letter
by some one at Goa to some one in Europe. The names are not given,
but there is every reason for believing that the recipient was the
historian Barros in Lisbon.

Both these papers are in the same handwriting, which fact -- since
they were written by separate Portuguese merchants or travellers at
Vijayanagar in different years, one, I believe, shortly subsequent
to 1520 A.D., the latter not later than about 1536 or 1537 --
conclusively proves them to be copies of the originals, and not the