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Life of Chopin by Franz Liszt
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"Without your consent or knowledge, I have ventured to dedicate
this translation to you!

As the countryman of Chopin, and filled with the same earnest
patriotism which distinguished him; as an impassioned and perfect
Pianist, capable, of reproducing his difficult compositions in
all the subtle tenderness, fire, energy, melancholy, despair,
caprice, hope, delicacy and startling vigor which they
imperiously exact; as thorough master of the complicated
instrument to which he devoted his best powers; as an erudite and
experienced possessor of that abstruse and difficult science,
music; as a composer of true, deep, and highly original genius,--
this dedication is justly made to you!

Even though I may have wounded your characteristically haughty,
shrinking, and Sclavic susceptibilities in rendering so public a
tribute to your artistic skill, forgive me! The high moral worth
and manly rectitude which distinguish you, and which alone render
even the most sublime genius truly illustrious in the eyes of
woman, almost force these inadequate and imperfect words from the
heart of the translator.