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Wacousta : a tale of the Pontiac conspiracy — Volume 1 by John Richardson
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Volume One of Three


It is well known to every man conversant with the earlier
history of this country that, shortly subsequent to the
cession of the Canadas to England by France, Ponteac,
the great head of the Indian race of that period, had
formed a federation of the various tribes, threatening
extermin ation to the British posts established along
the Western frontier. These were nine in number, and the
following stratagem was resorted to by the artful chief
to effect their reduction. Investing one fort with his
warriors, so as to cut off all communication with the
others, and to leave no hope of succor, his practice was
to offer terms of surrender, which never were kept in
the honorable spirit in which the far more noble and
generous Tecumseh always acted with his enemies, and
thus, in turn, seven of these outposts fell victims to
their confidence in his truth.

Detroit and Michilimaclcinac, or Mackinaw as it is now
called, remained, and all the ingenuity of the chieftain