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A Traveller in War-Time by Winston Churchill
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By Winston Churchill


I am reprinting here, in response to requests, certain recent experiences
in Great Britain and France. These were selected in the hope of
conveying to American readers some idea of the atmosphere, of "what it is
like" in these countries under the immediate shadow of the battle clouds.
It was what I myself most wished to know. My idea was first to send home
my impressions while they were fresh, and to refrain as far as possible
from comment and judgment until I should have had time to make a fuller
survey. Hence I chose as a title for these articles,--intended to be
preliminary, "A Traveller in War-Time." I tried to banish from my mind
all previous impressions gained from reading. I wished to be free for
the moment to accept and record the chance invitation or adventure,
wherever met with, at the Front, in the streets of Paris, in Ireland, or
on the London omnibus. Later on, I hoped to write a book summarizing the
changing social conditions as I had found them.

Unfortunately for me, my stay was unexpectedly cut short. I was able to
avail myself of but few of the many opportunities offered. With this
apology, the articles are presented as they were written.

I have given the impression that at the time of my visit there was no
lack of food in England, but I fear that I have not done justice to the