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The Emperor — Volume 08 by Georg Ebers
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By Georg Ebers

Volume 8.


The story told by Mastor which had so greatly agitated Pollux and had
prompted him to his mad flight was the history of events which had taken
place in the steward's rooms during the hours when the young artist was
helping his parents to transfer their household belongings into his
sister's tiny dwelling. Keraunus was certainly not one of the most
cheerful of men, but on the morning when Sabina came to the palace and
the gate-keeper was driven from his home, he had worn the aspect of a
thoroughly-contented man.

Since visiting Selene the day before he had given himself no farther
concern about her. She was not dangerously ill and was exceptionally
well taken care of, and the children did not seem to miss her. Indeed,
he himself did not want her back to-day. He avoided confessing this to