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Senator North by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
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_"When, Mr. President, a man, however eminent in other pursuits and
whatever claims he may have to public confidence, becomes a member of
this body, he has much to learn and much to endure. Little does he
know of what he will have to encounter. He may be well read in public
affairs, but he is unaware of the difficulties which must attend and
embarrass every effort to render what he may know available and
useful. He may be upright in purpose and strong in the belief of his
own integrity, but he cannot even dream of the ordeal to which he
cannot fail to be exposed; of how much courage he must possess to
resist the temptations which must daily beset him; of that sensitive
shrinking from undeserved censure which he must learn to control; of
the ever recurring contest between a natural desire for public
approbation and a sense of public duty; of the load of injustice he
must be content to bear even from those who should be his friends; the
imputations on his motives; the sneers and sarcasms of ignorance and
malice; all the manifold injuries which partisan or private malignity,
disappointed of its object, may shower upon his unprotected head. All
this, if he would retain his integrity, he must learn to ear unmoved
and walk steadily onward in the path of public duty, sustained only by