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The American Goliah by Anonymous
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A Wonderful Geological Discovery

Ten And One-Half Feet High Discovered
In Onondaga County, N.Y.

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History of the discovery on October 16, 1869, of an image of stone,
the same being a perfectly formed and well developed man, descriptions
of the petrification, with the opinions of scientific men thereon.

(Entered according to Act of Congress, A.D., 1869, by Redington
& Howe, in the Clerk's Office of the Northern District of N.Y.


This pamphlet is the only authorized account of the discovery of
the great wonder and the latest facts regarding management; and
is the only publication furnished by the owners of the Giant with
immediate and authentic information of any examinations, experiments
or new developments regarding it. Such new facts will be immediately
added to this pamphlet, together with such scientific opinions as
may be of interest or value to the public.

The statements herein contained have been taken from the lips of
living witnesses on the ground where the events transpired,
(excepting where reports are credited to other sources,) and