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The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore by Laura Lee Hope
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The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore
Laura Lee Hope


"Suah's yo' lib, we do keep a-movin'!" cried Dinah, as she climbed
into the big depot wagon.

"We didn't forget Snoop this time," exclaimed Freddie, following close
on Dinah's heels, with the box containing Snoop, his pet cat, who
always went traveling with the little fellow.

"I'm glad I covered up the ferns with wet paper," Flossie remarked,
"for this sun would surely kill them if it could get at them."

"Bert, you may carry my satchel," said Mrs. Bobbsey, "and be careful,
as there are some glasses of jelly in it, you know."

"I wish I had put my hat in my trunk," remarked Nan. "I'm sure
someone will sit on this box and smash it before we get there."

"Now, all ready!" called Uncle Daniel, as he prepared to start old
Bill, the horse.

"Wait a minute!" Aunt Sarah ordered. "There was another box, I'm
sure. Freddie, didn't you fix that blue shoe box to bring along?"

"Oh, yes, that's my little duck, Downy. Get him quick, somebody, he's