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Higher Lessons in English - A work on english grammar and composition by Brainerd Kellogg;Alonzo Reed
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** Transcriber's Notes **

Underscores mark italics; words enclosed in +pluses+ represent boldface;
Vowels followed by a colon represent a long vowel (printed with a macron in
the original text).

To represent the sentence diagrams in ASCII, the following conventions are

- The heavy horizontal line (for the main clause) is formed with equals
signs (==).
- Other solid vertical lines are formed with minus signs (--).
- Diagonal lines are formed with backslashes (\).
- Words printed on a diagonal line are preceded by a backslash, with no
horizontal line under them.
- Dotted horizontal lines are formed with periods (..)
- Dotted vertical lines are formed with straight apostrophes (')
- Dotted diagonal lines are formed with slanted apostrophes (`)
- Words printed over a horizontally broken line are shown like this:

----, helping

- Words printed bending around a diagonal-horizontal line are broken like

\ ting
** End Transcriber's Notes **