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Godolphin, Volume 1. by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton
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GODOLPHIN, Volume 1.
By Edward Bulwer Lytton
(Lord Lytton)



When the parentage of Godolphin was still unconfessed and unknown, you
were pleased to encourage his first struggles with the world: Now, will
you permit the father he has just discovered to re-introduce him to your
notice? I am sorry to say, however, that my unfilial offspring, having
been so long disowned, is not sufficiently grateful for being acknowledged
at last: he says that he belongs to a very numerous family, and, wishing
to be distinguished from his brothers, desires not only to reclaim your
acquaintance, but to borrow your name. Nothing less will content his
ambition than the most public opportunity in his power of parading his
obligations to the most accomplished gentleman of our time. Will you,
then, allow him to make his new appearance in the world under your wing,
and thus suffer the son as well as the father to attest the kindness of
your heart and to boast the honour of your friendship?

Believe me,
My dear Count d'Orsay,
With the sincerest regard,
Yours, very faithfully and truly,
E. B. L.