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Falkland, Book 1. by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton
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By Edward Bulwer-Lytton


"FALKLAND" is the earliest of Lord Lytton's prose fictions. Published
before "Pelham," it was written in the boyhood of its illustrious author.
In the maturity of his manhood and the fulness of his literary popularity
he withdrew it from print. This is one of the first English editions of
his collected works in which the tale reappears. It is because the
morality of it was condemned by his experienced judgment, that the author
of "Falkland" deliberately omitted it from each of the numerous reprints
of his novels and romances which were published in England during his

With the consent of the author's son, "Falkland" is included in the
present edition of his collected works.

In the first place, this work has been for many years, and still is,
accessible to English readers in every country except England. The
continental edition of it, published by Baron Tauchnitz, has a wide
circulation; and since for this reason the book cannot practically be
withheld from the public, it is thought desirable that the publication of
it should at least be accompanied by some record of the abovementioned

In the next place, the considerations which would naturally guide an