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A Treatise of Daunses - Wherin It Is Shewed, That They Are as It Were Accessories And - Dependants (Or Thynges Annexed) to Whoredome, (1581) by Anonymous
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which beare the sway among Christians were so cut off, and this so
sick a body againe so wel restored to his soundnes and health, that
there should remayne nothing els but to debate the question of leaping
skippings and daunses.

Ther will be found an other manner & sort of people, who will make no
accoumpte at all to mocke at this matter: as indeede the world is ful
of mockers, and men without Godlines, without God, and without
religion. Now as concerninge these persons, they deserue no manner of
aunsweare at al, because they do as soone scoffe at the principall
pointes of christian religion, and that which directly concerneth the
seruice of God, as matters of lesse weight and importaunce. Wherefore
I not much regarding or caringe for the iudgement of such iudges, will
let them runne to the water with the bridle uppon their head, or in
their necke, as they say. But as touchinge the first, because they bee
not altogeather malicious and obstinate, I hope, that ha= uing
aunsweared their obiections, and declared the reasons which haue
moued, yea rather driuen me forward or inforsed mee to descipher and
sett out this matter, they will iudge my labour not to haue bene
altogeather unprofitable.

It is then in the first place to bee wished and desired, that troubles
beyng pacified, and all dissentions repressed, and put out, the
spirits and consciences of men, should be assured and thorowly
perswaded of that which appertaineth to their saluation. And indeede
our Lorde hath stirred and raised up so perfect an age in al sciences
& know= ledge, in which so many learned men, and of excellent learning
and knowledge, haue so blessedly and diligently imployed them= selues
to teach us the order and maner to liue well, some after one sort and
fashion, and some after an other, that those which be not yet
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