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Yeast: a Problem by Charles Kingsley
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This book was written nearly twelve years ago; and so many things
have changed since then, that it is hardly fair to send it into the
world afresh, without some notice of the improvement--if such there
be--which has taken place meanwhile in those southern counties of
England, with which alone this book deals.

I believe that things are improved. Twelve years more of the new
Poor Law have taught the labouring men greater self-help and
independence; I hope that those virtues may not be destroyed in them
once more, by the boundless and indiscriminate almsgiving which has
become the fashion of the day, in most parishes where there are
resident gentry. If half the money which is now given away in
different forms to the agricultural poor could be spent in making
their dwellings fit for honest men to live in, then life, morals,
and poor-rates, would be saved to an immense amount. But as I do
not see how to carry out such a plan, I have no right to complain of
others for not seeing.

Meanwhile cottage improvement, and sanitary reform, throughout the
country districts, are going on at a fearfully slow rate. Here and
there high-hearted landlords, like the Duke of Bedford, are doing
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