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Making the House a Home by Edgar A. (Edgar Albert) Guest
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Edgar A. Guest


_Here's our story, page by page,
Happy youth and middle-age,
Smile and tear-drop, weal and woe
Such as all who live must know--
Here it is all written down,
Not for glory or renown,
But the hope when we are gone
Those who bravely follow on
Meeting care and pain and grief
Will not falter in belief._

Making the House a Home

We have been building a home for the last fifteen years, but it begins
to look now as though it will not be finished for many years to come.
This is not because the contractors are slow, or the materials scarce,
or because we keep changing our minds. Rather it is because it takes
years to build a home, whereas a house can be builded in a few months.

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