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The Sorrows of a Show Girl by Kenneth McGaffey
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2 The Carrier Pigeon as a Benefit to Humanity

3 Sabrina Receives Money from an Unexpected Source

4 Sabrina Receives Her Fortune and Says Farewell to the Hall Bedroom

5 Sabrina Visits Her Patents in Emporia, and Shocks that Staid Town

6 Details of How Sabrina Stood Emporia on Edge and was Ejected

7 The Chorus Girls' Union Gave their Annual Ball

8 Sabrina Falls In Love with a Press Agent with Hectic Chatter

9 Sabrina Returns to the Chorus, so that She Can Keep Her Automobile
Without Causing Comment

10 Sabrina and Her Former Room-mate Involved in an Argument at a
Beefsteak Party

11 The Dramatic Possibilities of the "Mangled Doughnut"

12 Sabrina Passes a Few Remarks on Love, Comedians, and Spring Millinery

13 Sabrina Scores a Great Personal Success

14 Methods of the House Breakers' Association Disclosed

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