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Odd Man Out - Sailor's Knots, Part 6. by W. W. Jacobs
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By W.W. Jacobs



The night watchman pursed up his lips and shook his head. Friendship, he
said, decidedly, is a deloosion and a snare. I've 'ad more friendships
in my life than most people--owing to being took a fancy to for some
reason or other--and they nearly all came to a sudden ending.

[Illustration: "Friendship, he said, decidedly, is a deloosion and a

I remember one man who used to think I couldn't do wrong; everything I
did was right to 'im; and now if I pass 'im in the street he makes a face
as if he'd got a hair in 'is mouth. All because I told 'im the truth one
day when he was thinking of getting married. Being a bit uneasy-like in
his mind, he asked me 'ow, supposing I was a gal, his looks would strike

It was an orkard question, and I told him that he 'ad got a good 'art and
that no man could 'ave a better pal. I said he 'ad got a good temper and
was free with 'is money. O' course, that didn't satisfy 'im, and at last
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