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Jack Archer by G. A. (George Alfred) Henty
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Chapter XVII. A Journey in Disguise
Chapter XVIII. The Polish Insurgents
Chapter XIX. To the Rescue
Chapter XX. In a Lion's Den
Chapter XXI. Back at the Front
Chapter XXII. The Repulse at the Redan
Chapter XXIII. The Battle of the Tchernaya
Chapter XXIV. A Fortunate Storm
Chapter XXV. The Capture of Sebastopol
Chapter XXVI. Conclusion



The first day of term cannot be considered a cheerful occasion. As the
boys arrive on the previous evening, they have so much to tell each
other, are so full of what they have been doing, that the chatter and
laughter are as great as upon the night preceding the breaking-up. In
the morning, however, all this is changed. As they take their places
at their desks and open their books, a dull, heavy feeling takes
possession of the boys, and the full consciousness that they are at
the beginning of another half year's work weighs heavily on their

It is true enough that the half year will have its play, too, its
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