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U.S. Copyright Renewals 1950 - 1977 by U.S. Copyright Office
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A list of books, pamphlets, serials, and contributions to periodicals for which
renewal registrations were made during the period covered by this issue. Arrangement
is alphabetical under the name of the author or issuing body or, in the case
of serials and certain other works, by title. Information relating to both the original
and the renewal registration is included in each entry. References from the names of
renewal claimants, joint authors, editors, etc. and from variant forms are interfiled.


MacLachlan-Aaron piano course book
1. SEE Maclachlan, T. Robin.


Forms of pleading in actions for legal
or equitable relief. 1931-1940
supplement to Abbott's Forms of
pleading, by Edwin M. Bohm.
© 8Mar39; A127371. Baker, Voorhis
& Co., Inc. (PWH); 11Mar66; R381892.

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