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Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth von Arnim
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some renewed interest in Elizabeth and her delightful work.
She is, I would venture, my favorite author; and I hope that soon
she will be one of your favorites.

R. McGowan
San Jose, April 11 1998.

NOTES: The first page of the book contains two musical phrases,
marked in the text below between square brackets []. Since this
is the first Gutenberg release, pagination is retained between angle
brackets <> to facilitate proofreading and correction for subsequent
editions. This is only available in version lzgdn09. This is 10.

Elizabeth and her German Garden

May 7th.--I love my garden. I am writing in it now in
the late afternoon loveliness, much interrupted by the mosquitoes
and the temptation to look at all the glories of the new
green leaves washed half an hour ago in a cold shower.
Two owls are perched near me, and are carrying on a long
conversation that I enjoy as much as any warbling of nightingales.
The gentleman owl says [[musical notes occur here in the printed
text]], and she answers from her tree a little way off,
[[musical notes]], beautifully assenting to and completing her
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