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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 100, April 18, 1891 by Various
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a young man of the highest promise. He had a distinguished
career at Oxford, where he obtained honours in History, and
represented his College in the Torpid races for eight-oared
crews. Since then he has been called to the Bar, where he
has already secured a lucrative practice.... His speech last
night had the right ring about it. It was eloquent, practical,
convincing, modest and decided, thoroughly in harmony with the
best traditions of the Conservative party, and remarkable for
the proof it afforded of the devotion of Conservatives at all
times to the highest interests of the working classes. We have
no hesitation in declaring, as Colonel CHORKLE did last night,
that with such a Candidate to oppose him, the fate of Sir
THOMAS CHUBSON may be considered as already decided. If only
all Conservatives will put their shoulders to the wheel and
work hard, the stigma under which Billsbury now labours will
be swept away. A Mass Meeting of Conservative electors will be
held on an early date to ratify the decision of the Council,
and inaugurate the period of hard work throughout the


Last night the Conservatives gave their annual performance of
the good old farce entitled, _Choosing a Candidate; or, Who's
got the Money-bags?_ We are glad to be able to congratulate
this distinguished body of amateurs on the modest success
which attended their efforts. Most of the performers are
well-known to the Billsbury public. Alderman TOLLAND, as the
heavy father, provoked screams of laughter by the studied
pomposity of his manner. His unctuous rendering of the
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