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Sketches of the Covenanters by J. C. McFeeters
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posterity, that they may begin where we end."--_Queensferry Paper_.


This book is a spontaneous growth, being without pre-meditation or
original intention. A visit to Scotland was the embryo; out of this seed
sprang a stereopticon lecture on "The Martyrs of Scotland;" the lecture
developed into an illustrated serial which was published in the
CHRISTIAN NATION; and the serial, at the request of many readers,
developed into this volume. The book, therefore, was not originally
contemplated; it is a providential growth, rather than a human
conception; and we sincerely trust that it is one of God's eternal
thoughts, blossoming in the sunlight of its own appointed time.

May our Lord Jesus Christ add His blessing, and commission these
Sketches to do Him service and glorify His exalted name.


Philadelphia, March 1, 1913.


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