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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 101, December 19, 1891 by Various
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VOL. 101.

December 19, 1891.


[Illustration: King Cracker the Millionth, of the Bonbon Dynasty.]

The Baron's Assistants say that of the Christmas works published by
Messrs. HUTCHINSON & CO. they can and do recommend _The Children of
Wilton Chase_ by L.J. MEAD, to which they accord their mead of praise,
which likewise they bestow on FLORENCE MARRYAT's _The Little Marine
and the Japanese Lily_, a book of adventures in the land of the Rising
Sun, which will delight many rising sons for whom chiefly was this
book intended. There are always "more ways than one," and so _Where
Two Ways Meet_ there is like to be a puzzle, solved in this instance
by the authoress, SARAH DOUDNEY. Put down the books! Come to the
festive board! Down--(the right way of course) with the mince-pie and
plum-pudding! Strange is it that the source of so much enjoyment, the
very types of Christmas good cheer, should themselves be so "down in
the mouth" as invariably are Mathew Mince-pie and Peter Plum-pudding
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