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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 101, December 26, 1891 by Various
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VOL. 101

DECTEMBER 26, 1891


I remember coming home and dressing to go out again. Of this so far
I am sure. I remember too taking a cab; also the cab taking me. But
oddly enough though I dined that evening with a very old friend,
somehow I cannot for the life of me, at this moment, call to mind his
name or remember where he lives.


However, the evening was so remarkable that I at once sat down next
day to record all that I could remember of this strange Christmas
Party. Round the table were ROBERT ELSMERE, DORIAN GRAY, Sir ALAN
QUATERMAIN, the MASTER of BALLANTREE, and other distinguished persons,
including Princess NAPRAXINE,--a charming woman, who looked remarkably
well in her white velvet with a knot of old lace at her throat and a
tea-rose in her hair. Mrs. HAWKSBEE, too, looked smart in black satin,
but in my opinion she was cut out by little DAISY MILLER, a sprightly
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