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A Supplement to A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents by William McKinley
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included the messages, proclamations and executive orders of President
McKinley which do not appear in Volume X, and those of his successor,
President Roosevelt, to date. They set forth the home affairs of the
nation, and illustrate the stability of the government and institutions
of the United States. They demonstrate that affairs were conducted with
attention and directness unaffected by the apparently distracting, but
glorious, incidents, which marked her interposition by arms and the
extension of her sheltering aegis to Cuba. They teach us that the
foundations of this country are deep-rooted and that the process of
nation-building, as recounted in these volumes, has proceeded upon
right lines and with an unbounded fidelity to principle and purpose.


WASHINGTON, D.C., _October 1, 1902._


* * * * *

William McKinley

March 4, 1897, to September 14, 1901

* * * * *
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