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Punch, Or The London Charivari, Volume 102, July 2, 1892 by Various
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VOL. 102.

July 2, 1892.


[Illustration: Ancient Brass-Work, in memory of Wagner the Great
Worker in Brass.]

_Wednesday._--WAGNER. Vainly the Daughters of the River, representing
the floating capital of the Banks of the Rhine, cry "Woa! Woa!" The
orchestra, under the direction of Herr MAHLER, takes no notice of
them, but goes on Wagnerianly, inexorably. Thus swimmingly we reach
Walhall--where the fire-god _Loge_ has a _logement_ with very heavy
insurance. _Wotan_ and _Loge_ in search of the gold. Then we meet
the _Nibelungs_ and the _Nibelights_, all livers under a water-cure
system; and then--it's like a musical nightmare--_Alberich_ changes
himself into a toad and is towed off as a prisoner. _Fafner_ settles
_Fasolt_ by a drum-head Court Martial, so that _Fafner_ gets the
golden honey, and _Fasolt_ gets the whacks--and--please, Sir, I don't
know any more--but some of the music is running river-like and lovely,
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