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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, October 16, 1841 by Various
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We had a long conversation in the afternoon with a gentleman who is up to
every move in the poultry-market, and his opinion is, that the flouring
system must soon prove the destruction of fair and fowl commerce. We do
not wish to be premature, but our informant is a person in whom we place
the utmost reliance, and, indeed, there is every reason why we should
depend upon so respectable an authority.

Cotton is in a dull state. We saw only one ball in the market, and even
that was not in a dealer's hands, but was being used by a basket-woman,
who was darning a stocking. After this, who can be surprised at the
stoppage of the factories?

Nothing was done in gloves, and what few sales were effected, seemed to be
merely for the purpose of keeping the hand in, with a view to future

* * * * *


The study of Geology, in the narrow acceptation of the word, is confined
to the investigation of the materials which compose this terrestrial
globe;--in its more extended signification, it relates, also, to the
examination of the different layers or strata of society, as they are to
be met with in the world.

Society is divided into three great strata, called High Life--Middle
Life--and Low Life. Each of these strata contains several classes, which
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