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McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader by William Holmes McGuffey
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It has been the object to obtain as wide a range of leading authors as
possible, to present the best specimens of style, to insure interest in
the subjects, to impart valuable information, and to exert a decided and
healthful moral influence. Thus the essential characteristics of
McGUFFEY'S READERS have been carefully kept intact.

The preliminary exercises have been retained, and are amply sufficient for
drill in articulation, inflection, etc. The additional exercises on these
subjects, formerly inserted between the lessons, have been omitted to make
room for other valuable features of the REVISED SERIES.

A full understanding of the text is necessary in order to read it
properly. As all the books of reference required for this purpose are not
within the reach of the majority of pupils, full explanatory notes have
been given, which, it is believed, will add greatly not only to the
interest of the reading lessons, but also to their usefulness from an
instructive point of view.

The definitions of the more difficult words have been given, as formerly;
and the pronunciation has been indicated by diacritical marks, in
conformity with the preceding books of the REVISED SERIES.

Particular attention is invited to the notices of authors. Comparatively
few pupils have the opportunity of making a separate study of English and
American literature, and the carefully prepared notices in the REVISED
SERIES are designed, therefore, to supply as much information in regard to
the leading authors as is possible in the necessarily limited space
assigned. The publishers have desired to illustrate McGUFFEY'S READERS in
a manner worthy of the text and of the high favor in which they are held
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