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David Lockwin—The People's Idol by John McGovern
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I. Harpwood and Lockwin
II. The People's Idol
III. Of Sneezes
IV. Bad News All Around
V. Dr. Floddin's Patient
VI. A Reign of Terror
VII. The Primaries
VIII. Fifty Kegs of Beer
IX. The Night Before Election
X. Elected
XI. Lynch-Law for Corkey
XII. In Georgian Bay
XIII. Off Cape Croker
XIV. In the Conventional Days

Book II - Esther Lockwin

I. Extra! Extra!
II. Corkey's Fear of a Widow's Grief
III. The Cenotaph
IV. A Knolling Bell

Book III - Robert Chalmers

I. A Difficult Problem
II. A Complete Disguise
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