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True Riches - Or, Wealth Without Wings by T. S. (Timothy Shay) Arthur
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The original title chosen for this book was "Riches without Wings;"
but the author becoming aware, before giving it a permanent form, that
a volume bearing a similar title had appeared some years ago, of which
a new edition was about to be issued, thought it best to substitute
therefor, "True Riches; or, Wealth without Wings," which, in fact,
expresses more accurately the character and scope of his story.

The lessons herein taught are such as cannot be learned too early, nor
dwelt on too long or too often, by those who are engaged in the
active and all-absorbing duties of life. In the struggle for natural
riches--the wealth that meets the eye and charms the imagination--how
many forget that _true_ riches can _only_ be laid up in the heart; and
that, without these true riches, which have no wings, gold, the god
of this world, cannot bestow a single blessing! To give this truth
a varied charm for young and old, the author has made of it a new
presentation, and, in so doing, sought to invest it with all the
winning attractions in his power to bestow.

To parents who regard the best interests of their children, and to
young men and women just stepping upon the world's broad stage of
action, we offer our book, in the confident belief that it contains
vital principles, which, if laid up in the mind, will, like good seed
in good ground, produce an after-harvest, in the garnering of which
there will be great joy.

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