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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 103, October 1, 1892 by Various
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O RANJ--(that sounds like Orange!)--those same "notches"
Is quite a wonder. Were they "bowls" or "cotches"
That got you out at last, those times eleven?
(Where is GRACE now? He has not scored _one_ even,
This season, though as close as ninety-nine to it.)
Applause has greeted you; let me add mine to it,
O RAN-JIT-SIN-HJI! (Those last three letters
What _do_ they spell?) Orthography's cold fetters
Shan't chill my admiration, smart young Hindoo!
Say, did you smite a sixer through a window,
Like Slogger THORNTON in _his_ boyish prime,
O RANJITSINHJI? Got it this time!
That is, it _spelt_ all right. E'en admiration
Shan't tempt me to attempt _pronunciation_!
Eleven centuries we to Indian skill owe!
Will the East lick the West at its own "Willow?"
Here's luck to India and young RAN--Och, murther!
RAN-JIT-SIN-SIN--How's that! _Out_? Can't get further!
* * * * *

"OH NO, WE NEVER MENTION IT."--The KENDALS have got a Play by a young
American Author with the very uncompromising name of DAM. He, or his
Play, may be Dam good, or just the reverse: still, if he does turn out
to be the "big, big D," then all the Dam family, such as Amsterdam,
Rotterdam, Schiedam, and so forth, will be real proud of him. Future
Dams will revere him as their worthy ancestral sire, and American
Dam may become naturalised among us (we have a lot of English ones
quite a _spécialité_ in that line, so the French say), and become
Dam-nationalised. What fame if the piece is successful, and DAM is
on every tongue! So will it be too, if unsuccessful. Englishmen will
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