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The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 28, May 20, 1897 - A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls by Various
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=160 pages of colored maps from new plates, size 11 1/2 x 14
inches, printed on special paper with marginal index, and well
worth its regular price - - - - $2.50.=

Every one has some sort of an atlas, doubtless, but an old atlas is no
better than an old directory; countries do not move away, as do people,
but they do change and our knowledge of them increases, and this atlas,
made in 1897 from =new= plates, is perfect and up to date and covers every
point on

=The Great Round World.=

Those not subscribers should secure the subscription of a friend and remit
$5 to cover it and their own. A copy of the atlas will be sent to either

* * * * *

_3 and 5 West 18th Street, · · · · · · · ·New York City._

* * * * *

=Revised List, with Prices, of School-Books that will be taken in Exchange
for Subscriptions to "The Great Round World."=

Appleton's Primer 5
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