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Zoonomia, Vol. I - Or, the Laws of Organic Life by Erasmus Darwin
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IV. _Laws of Animal Causation._
V. _Of the four Faculties or Motions of the Sensorium._
VI. _Of the four Classes of Fibrous Motions._
VII. _Of Irritative Motions._
VIII. _Of Sensitive Motions._
IX. _Of Voluntary Motions._
X. _Of Associate Motions._
XI. _Additional Observations on the Sensorial Powers._
XII. _Of Stimulus, Sensorial Exertion, and Fibrous Contraction._
XIII. _Of Vegetable Animation._
XIV. _Of the Production of Ideas._
XV. _Of the Classes of Ideas._
XVI. _Of Instinct._
XVII. _The Catenation of Animal Motions._
XVIII. _Of Sleep._
XIX. _Of Reverie._
XX. _Of Vertigo._
XXI. _Of Drunkenness._
XXII. _Of Propensity to Motion. Repetition. Imitation._
XXIII. _Of the Circulatory System._
XXIV. _Of the Secretion of Saliva, and of Tears. And of the
Lacrymal Sack._
XXV. _Of the Stomach and Intestines._
XXVI. _Of the Capillary Glands, and of the Membranes._
XXVII. _Of Hemorrhages._
XXVIII. _The Paralysis of the Lacteals._
XXIX. _The Retrograde Motions of the Absorbent Vessels._
XXX. _The Paralysis of the Liver._
XXXI. _Of Temperaments._
XXXII. _Diseases of Irritation._
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