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A Book for the Young by Sarah French
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I have the honour to be, Madam,

Your obliged and obedient servant,




In offering a second effort from her pen, the Writer begs, most
humbly, to deprecate all criticism; for much of which, there will,
doubtless, be found ample room.

This little book has been written in the hope that notwithstanding its
many imperfections, it will not be altogether useless to those for
whom it is especially intended,--the Young; and should the Authoress
fail in effecting all the good she desires, she trusts, she may take
refuge under the negative merit, of not having written one word that
_can_ do _harm_.

If it be objected to, that the Poetry is not original; it is, she
would beg to say, not only good, but far better than that which, had
it depended on her own efforts, could have been in its place. It will
be seen that the Book was intended to have been brought out for
Christmas and New Year's Days: this desirable end could not be
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