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The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 54, November 18, 1897 - A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls by Various
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north as Yonkers, and stretch across the country to the Sound, which it
will cross to take in Queens County on Long Island.

In the recent election one of the principal candidates for the mayoralty
was Mr. Seth Low, the president of Columbia University, who was mayor of
the city of Brooklyn in 1881, and was re-elected to the same office in
1883. Besides Mr. Low there were Gen. Benjamin F. Tracy, who was
Secretary of the Navy under President Harrison in 1889, Robert A. Van
Wyck, chief judge of the city court, and Mr. Henry George.

The contest was a very lively one, and each man who thus offered his
services to his city had to endure a severe course of the abuse which it
is the fashion nowadays to heap on any man who puts himself before the
public gaze.

Accusations have been brought by each party against the others, until,
to the unprejudiced outsider, it has seemed as if none of the candidates
selected was fit to hold office at all.

Judge Van Wyck and General Tracy have been accused of being so much
under the rule of their party leaders that they could not possibly give
New York honest government. Mr. Seth Low has been declared to be such an
autocrat that he would rule the city according to his own ideas, were
they good or bad. Mr. George was called a visionary person, who would
turn the world upside down if ever he came into power. These were, of
course, the opinions of the candidates' enemies. To their friends each
of them was felt to be the one man for whom the city had been waiting,
and whose election would insure the best possible government at the
lowest possible cost to the people.

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