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The Great Round World and What Is Going On In It, Vol. 1, No. 55, November 25, 1897 - A Weekly Magazine for Boys and Girls by Various
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On seeing this letter, Mr. Taylor wrote one on his own account to the
American papers.

In it he said that his experience had been that the Spanish authorities
were unreliable, and according to his way of thinking the only way to
put an end to the war, which was costing this country so much from
destruction to commerce, was for the Government to take a firm stand
with Spain, and insist that if the war wasn't ended by a certain fixed
date we would end it for her.

To prove the truth of his assertion that Spain was unreliable, he stated
that during the term of his official service in Madrid he had become
convinced that Cuba would never yield, but would fight till her last
drop of blood had been spilled.

Thinking it a great pity to allow such a valuable property as Cuba to be
allowed to go to ruin, he decided to make an effort to bring the war to
a close.

He was acquainted with Señor Castelar, who was a close friend of
Canovas, the late Premier. Señor Castelar was President of Spain when it
was a republic, before the young King's father was put on the throne by
the aid of Canovas. At an informal dinner-party at Señor Castelar's, Mr.
Taylor begged the Señor to talk to Canovas, and convince him that the
war in Cuba was only a cruel waste of life and useless waste of money,
as the Cubans would not submit. He asked Señor Castelar to suggest to
Canovas that an attempt to pacify the island should be made by offering
them liberal Home Rule.

Señor Castelar agreed with Mr. Taylor, and promised to speak to Canovas.
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